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At Gateway2Morocco, we pride ourselves in ensuring your tailor-made private journey to Morocco will be one you will treasure for a lifetime. We offer private guided tours to singles, couples, families and small groups crafted and managed with the highest level of care and professionalism. From enticing cultural tours to exhilarating outdoor adventures, our Morocco tours have earned a reputation of excellence from travelers around the world.

As evidenced in our testimonials, Gateway2Morocco’s expert native staff provides unmatched insights and expertise to ensure that every facet of your discovery is captivating and truly enriching. Our commitment and unrelenting pursuit to offer you a memorable journey to Morocco is paramount to our philosophy. Travel to Morocco in comfort and style with us.

We hope to welcome you on one of our beautiful trips to the enchanted Kingdom of Morocco, a land of dramatic contrasts, legend and romance and home to people with a fine sense of beauty and hospitality.

Our Morocco Tours

Blending the bold, tribal influences of the indigenous Berber people with the pan-Mediterranean influences of the Andalusian period, our cultural tours of Morocco will open up a world of exotic traditions in design, architecture, crafts, cuisine and music. Our Jewish Heritage tour offers you a unique educational experience of the fascinating Jewish history of Morocco . On our private Majestic Morocco luxury tours and North to Sounth Explorer vacations, enjoy the charm of private luxury Riads, the magic of ancient Kasbahs and dreamy nights under the stars of the Sahara. Our Morocco private trips offer couples and families of all ages and interests the romantic and exotic destination of a lifetime.

Our Morocco Exotic tour , Marrakech and Sahara desert adventure include a wide range of activities ranging from Atlas Mountains hiking and trekking, mountain biking to camel desert trekking. Our Exotic Morocco tour will take you through the breathtaking scenery of the gorgeous Atlas Mountains. Discover the serenity of Berber villages of the Amizmiz region and stunning panoramic views of the Atlas Mountains. Imagine gazing upon the sparkling sunrise as it dazzles over the world renowned Merzouga sand dunes. Enjoy the peaceful sound of canyons and exotic tranquility of beautiful oases. Our Morocco treks through the Sirwa, the Sargho, and the quiet cedar forests of the Middle Atlas Mountain ranges and the upper reaches of the High Atlas unravel spectacular panoramic views.

Our Day Trips and Short Excursions

Gateway2Morocco Travel in addition to offering some of the best custom private Morocco tours, we are very please to provide you you with a an amazing selection of Day trips from Marrakech to Essaouira, Marrakech to Ait Ben Haddou Kasbah, Marrakech to Ourika valley and three Valleys and Marrakech to the waterfalls of Ouzoud and a Full day Marrakech orientation with a certified bilingual tour guide.

For those alaraedy in marrakech and looking for a shoer Excursions, we also offers 2 days private and shared trips to Zagora, 3 days and 4 days to both Merzouga and Mhamid as well as 3 days and 4 days Trips from Marrakech to Fes or teh opposit.

Please browese our selection opf tours and get in touch to customise your own.

Marrakech Day Trips, Activities and Short Excursions.


Let us help inspire you with a few ideas from favourite Itineraries as a starting point.We can customise any of our tours just for you. Any element can be tailored to meet you exact requirements, from number of days, gateway cities, type of accommodation, travel interest and budget.

This private journey will capture the dramatic contrasts of the imperial cities and the breathtaking scenery of the Atlas mountains and the Merzouga Dunes of the Sahara. Abundant imprints left by ancient civilizations offer a fascinating look at the uniqueness of Morocco.

Highlight Cities of This Tour: Casablanca | Rabat | Fes | Merzouga | Dades Gorge| Ouarzazate | Marrakech | Essaouira

This luxurious private journey highlights the beauty, history and living culture of Morocco. Visits to legendary antiquarian sites are complemented by visits to modern architectural triumphs. Accommodations range from elegant hotels to intimate Riads.

Highlight Cities of This Tour: Casablanca | Rabat | Voluvilis - Meknes |Fes | Merzouga | Dades Gorge | Ouarzazate | Marrakech | Essaouira

The Moroccan Jewish Community has always been, and still is, one of the largest in the Arab World. Its heritage and history are little known abroad although every part of the Kingdom records an important Jewish legend. We are rediscovering this Jewish heritage

Highlight Cities of This Tour: Casablanca | Rabat | Meknes |Fes | Merzouga | Dades Gorge | Ouarzazate | Marrakech

Immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of the Imperial Cities. Abundant imprints left by the Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Byzantines, Romans and Vandales enable you to explore the vestiges of ancient civilizations. The extreme contrasts and splendor of the region make...

Highlight Cities of This Tour: Casablanca | Rabat | Voluvilis - Meknes | Beni Mellal | Fes

Marrakech and Sahara is one of our most popular tour itineraries for decades. This tour stars from Marrakech and ends in Marrakech blends the antique and modern with vital, cosmopolitan energy. Heading towards Ouarzazate, you will enjoy breathtaking scenery of the Kasbah's and Berber Villages

Highlight Cities of This Tour: Marrakech | Ait Ben Haddou Kasbah | Ouarzazate | Todgha Gorge | Merzouga

Let the enchantment of Morocco touch your hearts. Lose yourself in the romance of this exotic kingdom and discover each other as never before. From luxurious Riads to the magic of ancient Kasbahs and dreamy nights under the stars on the Sahara, Morocco offers a beautiful destination of a lifetime.

Highlight Cities of This Tour: Casablanca | Rabat | Chefchaoun | Meknes |Fes | Merzouga | Dades Gorge | Ouarzazate | Marrakech | Essaouira


Read our clients testimonials

Wonderful 10 Day Morocco Tour

We just got back from a great 10-day tour of Morocco with G2M. Brahim in Canada was extremely responsive and always helpful and flexible, which made planning the tour extremely easy. Once we arrived, our guide was terrific and the entire trip went smoothly. I can highly recommend the company for being honest and well-connected in Morocco. We always felt safe and well taken care of. I would definitely recommend both the country and the company!

I would have a few suggestions for others:

  1. We didn’t realize that we were traveling during Ramadan, which would have been good to know in advance but turned out to be a blessing I think. Many of the busy places were quieter during the day and it was easy to work with the typical evening schedule of the holiday.
    We didn’t have time to do enough research before each day, but it would have been nice to be able to read up on the next day’s sites beforehand. This could be something that G2M could help to prepare maybe…many times we didn’t fully understand the significance of what we were seeing until we got there.
  2. I wouldn’t have given up going to the desert or sleeping in the Berber camp for anything, but be aware the the drive those days can be long and tiring. The benefit is that you really feel like you have seen the country…but by the end of the ten days, we were exhausted.
  3. We started in Casablanca and ended in Marrakesh, which I think is a great way to do it. But I would consider doing it in the other direction too. Marrakesh is a better introduction to the country I think than Casablanca and Rabat, there is a wonderful Berber Museum in Marrakesh that I wish I had been to before going to the dessert and I think seeing Fez (a highlight) after Marrakesh may be nice.

Great 2 week private tour across Morocco

My friend and I wanted to see Casablanca, Rabat, Fes, Volubilis, the Sahara, Dades Gorge, Todgha Gorge, Ourzazate, Essaouira, Marrakech. No package tour hit all of these exactly and spent the right amount of time in each without a few long days in a bus, so we booked a private 2 week tour. It was great.

We had a driver/guide, supplemented by local guides in areas like Volubilis and Fes, or site guides at Mosque Hassan II in Casablanca. It was the perfect mix of guiding vs. having alone time to walk around/enjoy the sites and take photos or shop. The Riads and hotels were lovely, as were the recommended or included restaurants.

Our guide/driver was great – treated us like world travelers, unlike guides in many countries who are afraid for you to go anywhere without them. Booking the tour was quite easy via email, and they were happy to provide advice when we couldn’t decide between destinations. The only thing to prepare for is to pay 100% via paypal if you’re uncomfortable carrying cash to pay the balance upon arrival in Morocco. We had a few minor hiccups along the way not due to the fault of G2M, but they sorted them out immediately so our trip was not affected.

I would highly recommend using G2M for booking private tours – they listen to what you want, how you like to spend your time, and focus guides/highway breaks between destinations on your areas of interest.

Wonderful Morocco trip

We had a wonderful trip to Morocco in April 2017. The weather was great and tolerable. We had booked a private tour with our great driver Jamal. He made it great and comfortable for us. He would stop anytime we wanted. I recommend him to anyone!
The price was as is. No rip offs. They driver/guides at Gateway 2 Morrocco were very knowledgeable. The memories are engraved in our mind and hearts. Thank you Jamal and Brahim for this wonderful trip!

Morocco Trip into the past

We were so lucky to find Gateway2Morocco online. They were efficient after I made a mistake with the booking. They also sent us a guide that by far surpassed our expectations.
He is knowledgeable and very gentle, friendly and efficient. We loved spending the day with him while he shared his knowledge of life in Morocco. His love for the country is infections.
The tour is well managed. And we got more than we were expecting by being taken to places on route.
Morocco has crept into my blood.

Highly recommended if you're thinking of booking a non-group tour of Morocco

My husband and I booked the 10-day Exotic Morocco Tour and had a wonderful time. Our tour guide, Abdel, served not only as an abundant source of information about Morocco, but he was also our chauffeur, picking us up from the airport in Casablanca and driving us around the country. All of the hotels chosen by Gateway2Morocco were clean and charming, and most of the proprietors and/or their employees were very helpful.

One of the hotels even provided us with a cell phone when we went out on our own in case we got lost! Abdel went above and beyond what we expected of a tour guide. When we rode camels in the desert and my husband didn’t have a scarf to protect his face from the sand, Abdel gave lent him his own scarf.

On the last day of the trip, when I lamented not being able to enjoy the hotel’s beautiful pool since I needed to go buy souvenirs for family/friends, Abdel offered to do my shopping for me. All in all, a great guide and a great company! If you’re thinking of booking a Morocco tour, but would prefer not to go with a large group, Gateway2Morocco is an excellent choice.

Incredible Experience in Morocco

My friends and I recently got back from a tour in Morocco with this company – I don’t often leave feedback unless I was blown away or extremely disappointed, but this tour left us extremely happy and felt I should share my experience to others! They were able to accommodate any of our requests and provided us with fantastic suggestions as well.

It was extremely exotic, educational, and fun. We were right to choose high-end Riads: they were delightful, wonderfully furnished, and the staff in each one were attentive, helpful and charming. Each Riad was unique and it was clear to us that the owners were determined to make us feel welcome and comfortable. For us, the riads were an important part of the Moroccan experience, and much more enjoyable than international hotel chains. We did end up staying in hotels but they were a great selection of boutique hotels. The driver recommended and arranged for us to stay at the Tombuctoo in Merzouga rather than driving back to (and then back from) the Xaluca in Erfoud, which turned out to be a great decision. The itinerary was well balanced – not changing hotels every day, and giving us enough time to see quite a lot in the big cities (Fes, Marakesh). Everything went smoothly and there were no unpleasant incidents. Our driver was very helpful, protective and easy to talk to, although we spoke French most of the time as he was more comfortable in that language. He drove well, was courteous, and looked after us attentively.

The local guides were well informed, helpful and friendly. We were particularly pleased about being able to get close enough to the guides and the driver to be able to learn much more about Islam and its importance in Muslim life – a real education that most westerners, like myself and my friends, could benefit from these days. It left us with considerably greater respect for the people and their religion.

We were particularly interested in the interior decoration – such as carvings, mosaics etc. in the mosques, riads and mausoleums. We also really enjoyed the visit to a Berber home – it was fascinating. Also, the Djemmaa-el-Fna Square was a high-point, especially arriving in the dark in the evening, with the overwhelming vitality of the scene – the crowd, the food, the smells, sounds, lights, music and general vibrance.

The Moroccan food was excellent, but the repetitiveness of it was tiresome. In virtually every arranged meal, the menu was the same: an array of “Moroccan salad” dishes, followed by tagine and couscous, with the only variation being the occasional addition of a bastilla. These meals were individually well prepared and well presented, especially in the high-end restaurants (Yacout, Maison Bleue), but having the same menu so often was a little disappointing. We found ourselves always looking for a varety of food such as fish or European cuisine. The shopping was excellent – it was nice knowing that we were able to contirbute to the Moroccan economy, especially in the textiles sector. We would happily have missed the Fantasia production at Borj Bladi: the whole thing was like a parody, with the staff and performers clearly uninterested and unmotivated. We left as quickly as possible.

But all in all, we had a great time, despite the inevitable digestive troubles! And I took hundreds of photos, which is very unusual for me. Many thanks for your help in putting the trip together.

Great Morocco Trip

Hi Brahim,

As you might remember, I was in Egypt for two weeks after Morocco, and then we got back just in time to get ready for Passover just the week over.  At this point I can sit down and write a little about my trip.   Just this morning I was showing off our Morocco photos to some friends.   A few points ..
1./  Abdoul Aouragh is a great driver and guide.  He is friendly, co-operative, resourceful, looks after his guests, careful, an excellent ambassador for Morocco, cares and worries about his guests, fun to be with, easy to spend long period of time with, interested in his guests and seeks out special sites that interest them especially, has a lot of knowledge about Morocco he enjoys to share, generally a great driver and guide  …  Abdoul would randomly stop at the side of roads where ever I asked him to so I could look at the local flowers and trees and geology.  We visited with his mother and sister and they were very nice too and made us a nice lunch.  We always felt safe with his driving, even in busy city traffic or in difficult mountain passes.
2./  The first riad we stayed, was it in Rabat?, we were just so-so about it.  The room was small and over-crowded with furniture, the door was short so I had to duck, it was not great.  Maybe other rooms were larger, ours was a bit small.  All the rest of the riads and hotels we stayed at were excellent.
3./  Alysse and I super enjoyed our tour.  We liked everywhere we visited.  I collected meteorites and fossils, we visited a quarry, we walked barefoot on sand dunes, visited Jewish cemeteries and synagogues, drove threw beautiful mountains.  It was just great.
4./  The guide we had in Fez was ok — nothing special I thought.  He really really didn’t respect Shiite muslims I remember.  We could have done just as well on our own I think.  The guide in Marrakesh didn’t add much either for that matter.   Our guide in Volubilis was a local farmer, I am not sure he knew much about Roman history, but friendly enough and he wasn’t too bad.  (I got the impression there is a bit of a guide mafia in Morocco and likely we get guides whether we want them or not.)
So, we had a great tour.  We are very happy with how it went.  The guides and first riad were all part of this great trip.  Alysse and I had a great time.   Thanks for your interest.  Call if you want to discuss more.
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